Ken Hudson, Ph.D., P.G., E.I.T

Secretary, Treasurer, and Principal Geoscientist

Kenneth (Ken) Hudson is a specialist in geology, strong ground motions, and engineering seismology. He obtained a BS in Earth Science with emphases in geology and geophysics in 2016 and a MS in geophysics in 2017 from the University of California, Santa Barbara. Dr. Hudson began working in industry in 2017 and then began attending courses at the University of California, Los Angeles simultaneously in 2018 where he obtained a MS and PhD in Geotechnical Engineering in 2020 and 2023, respectively.

As a licensed Professional Geologist in the state of California, Dr. Hudson has worked on geologic, geotechnical, and seismic design aspects for high-rise buildings, rail transportation systems, hospitals, schools, and other public and private facilities in the greater Los Angeles Area and internationally. Dr. Hudson has extensive geologic field experience and expertise in large scale computational and statistical analyses for application in geologic and geotechnical problems.

Dr. Hudson is also currently conducting research in liquefaction triggering and manifestation models as a Research and Development Engineer at the University of California, Los Angeles.


Archival Journals

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Conference Proceedings

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Research Reports

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Dissertations and Theses

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Oral and Poster Presentations

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